Airport security officer prays over JESUS Film projection system


Upon arriving at the airport in Ghana, I found my bag and one of the JESUS Film equipment duffel bags. I put them on the conveyor belt.

As I picked them up on the other side, an officer approached and asked what I had in the duffel.

I explained, “This is a projector system that has been donated to the church in Ghana.” I opened it to show him the projector. He said, “My supervisor is going to have to see this.” He waved at someone — moments later, two officers told me to take everything and follow them.

The supervisor barely looked at me. He asked me to show him the bag’s contents. As I did this, I explained again it was a projection system that was donated to the church in Ghana, and was meant to be used to show a film about the life of Jesus.

He didn’t let me finish the sentence and asked, “Is it for evangelism?” I responded, “Yes, exactly.”

He said, “Very good, we need that here in Ghana. You may go.”

As I was about to move away he asked, “How many souls are you going to win with that?” I turned and told him, “I don’t know, but we will see.” He responded, “How can you not know? Don’t you believe in the power of prophecy? Haven’t you prayed?” I said, “I do, but we haven’t actually prayed over this specific equipment. Usually, churches consecrate them and pray before they are sent out, but I cannot say someone has done that for this specific backpack. Would you like to pray for it?”

He said, “Yes! I would love to do that! Come on!” And so, we held hands, and with the JESUS Film backpack between us, he prayed God would use the equipment to reach his fellow Ghanaians. After that, we shook hands and parted ways.

God reminded me He has believers in all parts of the world and all stations of life praying for the lost!

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