Airport security officer prays over JESUS Film projection system


Upon arriving at the airport in Ghana, I found my bag and one of the JESUS Film equipment duffel bags. I put them on the conveyor belt.

As I picked them up on the other side, an officer approached and asked what I had in the duffel.

I explained, “This is a projector system that has been donated to the church in Ghana.” I opened it to show him the projector. He said, “My supervisor is going to have to see this.” He waved at someone — moments later, two officers told me to take everything and follow them.

The supervisor barely looked at me. He asked me to show him the bag’s contents. As I did this, I explained again it was a projection system that was donated to the church in Ghana, and was meant to be used to show a film about the life of Jesus.

He didn’t let me finish the sentence and asked, “Is it for evangelism?” I responded, “Yes, exactly.”

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