Ambrose University appoints new chancellor

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The Ambrose University Board of Governors appointed Roland Laing as chancellor.

Laing has worked as barrister in a wide range of contexts since 1971 and he brings a depth of legal and leadership expertise to the position. His experience across provincial and federal courts, including the Supreme Court of Canada, is complemented by his disposition as a seeker of solutions.

He also has a long history of serving Ambrose: Laing served as advisor to the president from 2001 to 2007. In 2008, when Ambrose moved from its temporary campus in downtown Calgary, Laing played an instrumental role in securing the  university's current 40-acre campus in Springborough. As the new campus has developed, Laing has continued to serve as chairman of the Campus Master Plan Committee.

Laing follows Riley Coulter in the position. Coulter retired in June after 26 years with the university. 

--Ambrose University

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