Brazil districts host community outreach initiative

Correia Pinto, Brazil

The Church of the Nazarene in Brazil held a Maximum Mission event 7-9 September in the Santa Catarina District. Local leaders chose this location in order to effectively minister to the Ponte neighborhood in the city of Correia Pinto. More than 110 people from the Santa Catarina and Curitiba districts participated in this three-day event.

Volunteers broke up into several different teams, each focusing on a different outreach avenue – health and well-being, children’s games and lessons, youth sports and games, a youth soccer tournament, community projects for people in need, and counseling. In the evenings, the groups came together and invited the community to join in a time of worship and prayer. 

Over the three days, there were nine people who gave their lives to Jesus. Now, the Correia Pinto Church of the Nazarene staff is holding a weekly discipleship group for the new Christians in the neighborhood.

--Church of the Nazarene South America