ENC, Trevecca form joint task force to plan next steps in merger

The Trevecca Nazarene University Board of Trustees recently approved a resolution to create a joint task force that will determine the next steps in a potential merger with Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy, Massachusetts.

The resolution to form the joint task force came as a recommendation from ENC's Board of Trustees, who approved it in their fall meeting in mid-October. Trevecca’s board approved the measure during meetings 2-3 November.

“The mission of Christian higher education is a significant part of the work of the kingdom of God,” said Dan Boone, president of Trevecca and president-elect of Eastern. “The work of ENC is important to us, and we have created a joint task force in an effort to find a way to enhance and continue the mission of ENC. We recognize that the realities before us require the provision of God, the favor of donors and granting authorities, and the success of enrollment efforts.”

The joint task force will be comprised of five representatives from each institution. ENC representatives include Scott Cook, Mark Prugh, Tony Steelman, Bob Cornell, and Russ Long. Trevecca representatives are Dwight Gunter, John Paul, Morris Stocks, Wendel Nixon, and Charles Davis.

Boone, along with David Caldwell and Steve Pusey who serve on the cabinets of both institutions, will represent both ENC and Trevecca. Timothy Wooster, ENC provost and dean of the college, will represent Eastern.

The joint task force will explore what form a potential merger could take as well as oversee the strategy and timeline. The group must develop a plan that will bring ENC to financial sustainability within three years, establish enrollment benchmarks and funding resources for ENC, and gain Church of the Nazarene denominational endorsement for any planned merger or acquisition.

The partnership between the two institutions is expected to result in enhanced learning opportunities for students. ENC recently announced a tuition reset that aligned tuition rates with those of Trevecca. Students will also have a chance to participate in a semester exchange program between the two schools as early as the Spring 2018 semester. 

The joint task force must present their recommendations to the executive committees of both institutions by 15 January 2018, prior to scheduled spring board meetings.

Any official recommendation for merger or acquisition between Trevecca and Eastern must be brought before the full boards for approval.

--Trevecca Nazarene University, Eastern Nazarene College

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