Guyana pastor couples seek healthy marriages through seminar

Georgetown, Guyana

The Guyana Central District held its first Marriage Enrichment Seminar from 18-21 October in Georgetown, Guyana. Nearly 30 pastor couples participated in the event led by Miguel and Irene Garita of the Mesoamerica Region Family Care Ministry.  

“It was a blessed time with good participation from those who attended,” Irene said. “The attitude of the group was a joyful one, and they shared special times at the altar during the worship services.”

Some of the topics they covered were “What We Bring into the Marriage” and “Healthy Communication.” The Garitas helped the couples analyze how their marriages functioned in order to identify areas where they could grow. In the evenings, they held public worship services where approximately 100 people attended.

“We are grateful for our excellent translators, Rev. July McKeithen and Dr. Faith London, and District Superintendent and Field Strategy Coordinator Dr. Alphonso Porter and his wife, Teil, who organized the event,” Irene said.

--Church of the Nazarene Mesoamerica

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