Hurricane Matthew update: 'Generosity has reached more than 530 families in Haiti'

Haiti, Mesoamerica Region

Missionary Fleur Van der Most, who is leading disaster response communications for the Mesoamerica Region after Hurricane Matthew, shared the following update:

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Haiti turned into a small packing and distribution center for the past weeks. All team members are putting in their greatest efforts to bring relief to the people of Haiti who are suffering from the hurricane. In the past two weeks, NCM Haiti has been distributing food and disaster kits to over 530 families.

Right now we have team members driving through the areas that are damaged most to assess needs and gather more information on the size of the disaster. We have teams out on a distribution location in the south of Haiti to deliver food and disaster kits to our brothers and sisters most in need. Other teams are buying food, dividing and packing them as food kits for families.

Sometimes it is hard to get to the people in the areas that are most harmed. Some villages are not connected to roads, which makes it impossible for our trucks to get there. Also people get desperate and try to steal from food delivery trucks. We are still developing our plans to be able to reach as many families as possible in the safest way. Please keep praying for the people who are suffering from the disastrous hurricane.

Nazarene churches in Haiti are collecting money and clothes for the victims of the hurricane. Many people don’t have much, but they feel like they can share with the people who have nothing.

One of the pastors of a church who received support praises God and thanks the church for the help that she is receiving. She is very happy to receive the support.

--Church of the Nazarene Mesoamerica Region

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