M19 day two inspires participants to share the gospel

Kansas City, Missouri

Day two of the M19 Conference featured plenary sessions led by Douglas Powe and General Superintendent Carla Sunberg.

During the morning plenary, themed Story, Powe explained that the Church has trouble distinguishing between membership and discipleship, which can make it difficult to effectively reach people outside of existing church communities.

“We have to be boundary crossers like Jesus if we want to make a difference,” Powe said. “Are we expecting those in the community to come to us, or are we going to them?” 

Powe went on to share seven practices the church can engage in to change bad evangelism practices and engage in healthy discipleship, including building relationships, collaboration, and altering our understanding of community.

“When we build authentic relationships, we are going to transform lives,” Powe said. “Are we willing to make the changes that are necessary so that we can become a different type of faith community?”

Nearly 100 workshops were held between the morning and evening plenary sessions. Many participants said they felt inspired by the day’s workshops.

“I was really challenged by some of the workshops that I attended,” said Hailey Teeter, event participant. “There was a global perspective that was shared with me that I had never had before.”

Dean Flemming, a MidAmerica Nazarene University professor and workshop presenter, noticed the impact the conference had on everyone involved.

“I felt the audience was very engaged and had a lot of interest in the subject, and that really helped me as a presenter,” said. “I felt like we talked about some things that were relevant to their ministry situations, so I feel like it was a very positive experience overall.”

Church of the Nazarene Social Media Coordinator Jenna Briles was also a workshop presenter. She led a conversation on effectively using social media in the church.

“I was genuinely surprised at the turnout of my workshop,” Briles said. “There were so many people interested in learning how to better engage their communities online, and I am proud of how our church leaders are looking for new avenues to creatively reach people.”

The evening plenary session theme was Impart. Sunberg illustrated how the Church can let go of the things that keep it from experiencing complete freedom in Christ and sharing the gospel with the world.

“Shame is a yoke that many of us are carrying around,” Sunberg said. “[Whether it is Christ or not,] everyone is yoked to something,”

Sunberg ended the night with an altar call, inviting participants to let go of the yokes that are holding them back.

“Jesus' invitation tonight is not just to the unbelievers, but it is our invitation to unleash,” Sunberg said.

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