Mexico Oaxaca District holds first women's conference

Oaxaca, Mexico

The Mexico Oaxaca Northwest District held its first women’s conference called “Glorious” from 12-13 October at the Praise and Proclamation Center Church of the Nazarene. Nearly 1,000 women came from districts across Mexico to attend the conference.

District leaders wanted to use this event to strengthen the participants’ identities in Christ and to strengthen women’s ministries in local churches throughout the country.

“Women play a key role and have a great influence in society,” said Josue Barrera, district communications coordinator. “This event had the purpose to empower, bring spiritual healing, and present the Gospel message through the preaching of the Word.”

There were three local pastors who spoke throughout the conference — Nineye Herrera, Mabel Betanzos, and Carlos Ortiz.

“An important aspect of this event was the time of fellowship participants enjoyed during the services and during break times,” Barrera said. “As a result the district will be stronger, and the district leadership hopes this event will encourage other departments to celebrate events like this to win Oaxaca for Christ.”

Local leaders considered the event a success and are looking forward to hosting this conference annually.

“We hope to create a movement amongst the churches in the district, and this event is a good start,” Barrera said. “November 2019 will be the next women’s conference.”

--Church of the Nazarene Mesoamerica

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