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Nazarenes in the News is a compilation of online news articles featuring Nazarene churches or church members.

A debt of gratitude 

Medford, Oregon

(Mail Tribune, 26 June) More than $2 million worth of medical debt stemming from more than 1,700 past-due medical accounts in the name of 1,240 Oregonians was eliminated earlier this month thanks to a $30,000 donation by New Life Church of the Nazarene in Medford, Oregon, to a nonprofit organization that buys medical debt portfolios for pennies on the dollar using the same markets as collection agencies.

This nonprofit differs from a collection agency in what it does with the debts it buys — nothing. Instead of sending out bill collectors, the nonprofit sends out letters that a donor paid the bill.

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Over 100 volunteers take a 'mission trip' to Birdsboro, sprucing up homes in the area

Birdsboro, Pennsylvania

(Reading Eagle, 17 July) Instead of traveling to foreign countries, 115 volunteers with the Mission Trip Birdsboro community service project are working in a 15-mile radius of the town.

The mission started six years ago when a small group of volunteers at St. Paul's United Church of Christ in Birdsboro began repairing a half dozen homes.

It has since grown into a partnership of six local churches and the entire Birdsboro area community.

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Gratiot homeless shelter getting upgrades 

St. Louis, Missouri

(Morning Sun, 13 July) After a successful first year of operation, Gratiot County Hope House is getting some upgrades after receiving a $20,000 grant. This shelter is the only one in the county, and it is located at the St. Louis Church of the Nazarene

"The money was intended for construction of the shelter in the basement of the church," said Jake Gregory, co-executive director. "Initially our intention was to use the space as a transitional housing center. However, in time, we put that idea on the back burner and chose to use the space as a seasonal shelter for the time being. We used some of those funds last fall to make the necessary building modifications to open in January as we did. The majority of the funds, however, were saved to use this summer once the shelter closed and we could again do construction in the space."

The remaining $18,000 is going toward the installation of showers and laundry room for guests.

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