NBC donates 50,000 books to Africa universities

Recently, Nazarene Bible College in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, went to a fully online format. This change meant that there was a library full of books that needed to find a new home. Some were kept at Nazarene universities in the USA, but 50,000 books remained without a home.

Christian Literature for Africa and the Education Development United Foundation volunteered to sort, pack, and ship the remaining books to Southern Africa Nazarene University in Swaziland and Africa Nazarene University in Kenya. 

 "This is a tremendous gift to ANU," said Rod Reed, deputy vice chancellor for academics. "It will greatly enhance the collection of books that support our School of Religion and Christian Ministry. Thanks to all the partners who made this possible."

The shipment to ANU was received with great jubilation 6 September. 

"The library resources we have received have not only doubled our physical book collection, but they have greatly enhanced the quality of our library," said Gift Mtukwa, chair of the Religion Department. "I want to assure NBC that the books are in good hands and will certainly be used by our students and faculty. Thank you."

Greg Crofford, dean of the ANU School of Religion and Christian Ministry, said some of the books will be distributed to other Bible colleges in East Africa while the rest will remain on the main ANU campus. 

"Wow. I cannot wait to hold and read them," said Andrew Ntabo, leader of ANU's Religion Student Association. "God bless NBC and CLA."

--Church of the Nazarene Africa Region

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