North Carolina, Eastern Kentucky districts partner to provide tents for Philippines

Philippines, Asia-Pacific Region

In celebration of Nazarene Missions International's 100th anniversary, Church of the Nazarene districts were encouraged to select one of more than 1,400 initiatives generated by Nazarenes around the world.

The Eastern Kentucky and North Carolina districts from the USA adopted the “Tents for the Philippines” initiative.

Philippine Micronesia Field Strategy Coordinator Stephen Gualberto provided the following details about the project.

  • The tent package includes heavy duty vinyl for roofing, galvanized steel posts, metal stakes, nylon ropes. If extra funding is available, we include some plastic chairs and lectern.
  • The tent package is given mostly to new church plants in the rural areas and to congregations whose church buildings were destroyed by natural disaster.
  • The tent is also used (if needed) as a child-friendly space during disaster response. It serves as a venue to conduct stress debriefing and spiritual and psychosocial care for children affected by calamity.
  • The size of the tent varies depending on the need and size of the church lot. The smallest size is 12  x 15 feet. Each tent ranges from US$500 to $600.

NMI's mission is to mobilize the church in mission through praying, discipling, giving, and educating. Previous anniversaries were also celebrated with projects.

• 50th anniversary: $150,000 to construct a hospital in Papua New Guinea

• 75th anniversary: $885,484 for evangelism in Hong Kong/Chinese communities worldwide

• 90th anniversary: $2.5 million for Books for Pastors

The Philippine Field and the Asia-Pacific Region celebrate with these districts as they partner in making Kingdom impact.

To learn more about the anniversary projects, visit NMI's website.

--Church of the Nazarene Asia-Pacific Region