NTC–Manchester celebrates 75th anniversary, honors Kent Brower

Manchester, England

Nazarene Theological College–Manchester celebrated its 75th anniversary at this year’s graduation ceremony.

“The possibility and joy of seeing over 50 students graduate, including five with PhD degrees, must have been outside of the imagination of the college’s 1944 wartime founders,” said Principal Deirdre Brower Latz.

General Superintendent Carla Sunberg, an NTC–Manchester alumnus, was the guest speaker.

“The entire experience enhanced my life – not only professionally, but also personally and spiritually,” she said. “The opportunity to do theological research at an institution with a Wesleyan heritage in the land of Wesley was invaluable.”

The ceremony also honoured Kent Brower, who stepped down from the role of vice principal this year. Brower served as academic dean in the pivotal years when the college established its partnership with the University of Manchester and continues to serve as director of research at NTC–Manchester.

He has also served as chair of the International Board of Education and as pro-vice chancellor at Southern Africa Nazarene University. Brower has been part of the NTC faculty for over 45 years, first arriving on campus in the early 70s when he combined teaching with his own doctoral research under the supervision of F. F. Bruce.  

The 52 graduates this year represent 13 different nationalities and add to the growing influence of NTC–Manchester around the world. This year’s doctoral graduates include a faculty member at MidAmerica Nazarene University, the academic dean of Cliff College, UK, and the lecturer in theology at the Scottish Baptist College, alongside pastors and leaders from around the world. 

The ceremony took place in the University of Manchester’s Whitworth Hall, underlining the significant partnership that NTC–Manchester has with this university.

To watch a brief video snapshot of the ceremony, click here.

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