Pastor requests prayer after hundreds killed in South Sudan

South Sudan, Africa Region

CTV News photo

Stephen, pastor of the South Sudan Church of the Nazarene in Mount Waverley, Australia, recently returned from a trip to South Sudan, where he found that as many as 208 of the Australia church member's family and friends have been killed. Additionally, another 102 are still missing and feared dead in the ongoing civil unrest that has plagued South Sudan since its independence in 2011.

“Our request is that you may join in our prayers, even in your own time," Pastor Stephen said. "Pray that the killing be stopped and that those missing may be found, alive and safe."

The Mount Waverly church asks Nazarenes around the world to join them in prayer as they intercede for South Sudan, its leaders, and for their families and friends who have been impacted by the ongoing unrest.

--Church of the Nazarene Asia-Pacific Region

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