South Carolina elects Flores as next DS

Columbia, South Carolina

Sam and Candy Flores

Samuel Flores was elected the next district superintendent for South Carolina this week, as announced by the Board of General Superintendents. He becomes the first Hispanic district superintendent to lead a USA/Canada Region non-Latino district.

The South Carolina District Assembly elected Flores on the first ballot. He replaces Greg Mason, who was interim district superintendent. Edward “Eddie” Estep was previously South Carolina district superintendent before being appointed to lead the Kansas City District.

Flores currently serves as assistant district superintendent for South Texas, as well as district Nazarene Missions International, Work and Witness, and Hispanic coordinator.

"Rev. Sam Flores has served the Church of the Nazarene and the South Texas District with distinction," said David W. Graves, general superintendent in jurisdiction for South Carolina. "He has been a church planter and trainer not only in South Texas, but in other regions. There was a tremendous spirit of unity and a sense of God’s direction in the election. The district rejoiced and celebrated when he was elected on the first ballot.”

Flores came to the South Texas District from the Texas-Oklahoma Latin District in 2003 to serve as the district missionary, assisting in the establishment of New Start churches. He previously served as a pastor in San Antonio (New Vision Community, Central) and Houston (Southwest).

“It truly is humbling to recognize how God used the South Carolina Nazarenes to allow me to continue to serve Him in building His kingdom,” Flores said. “I am honored to serve in any capacity in the church as the Lord sees fit. Being the first elected Hispanic district superintendent in a non-Latino district in the U.S. is a reflection of how diversity is valued in the Church of the Nazarene.”

Sam and his wife, Candy, currently reside in San Antonio. They have four daughters, two sons-in-law, two grandsons, and a granddaughter.

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