Thank Offering gifts enable partnership in God’s mission

Global Ministry Center

To Nazarenes around the world:

Traveling the globe, we have the opportunity to see first-hand the ways in which the offerings for the World Evangelism Fund make a difference. Every day people are coming to Jesus and being discipled because the global church family is coming together to be engaged in Kingdom work. We want to thank you for your generosity by way of the recent Thank Offering for the World Evangelism Fund. So far, we have received more than US$1,100,000, and these gifts will have a significant impact as they are invested in transformation. 

Your partnership in this work is what makes it possible for the church to reach those around the world with the most urgent needs. Thank you for sharing Jesus with children, women, and men who are now living in the full knowledge of Christ. God asks us to partner with Him in this work, and when our resources are combined with God’s, the results are exponentially greater than our original investment. Now that’s exciting!

With hearts filled with gratitude,

The Board of General Superintendents

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