La Ofrenda de Alabastro provee fondos para propiedades y edificios alrededor del mundo. Mientras entendemos que la iglesia consiste del pueblo de Dios y no un edificio, los edificios mejora los esfuerzos ministeriales y transmiten la actitud que la Iglesia del Nazareno tiene la intención de "sembrar raices".

Los fondos de alabastro ayudan a proveer terreno para muchos proyectos de Trabajo y Testimonio y la Ofrenda de Alabastro en su totalidad va hacia la compra de terreno y construcción de iglesias, escuelas, facilidades médicas y hogares para misioneros y trabajadores nacionales.

Adoptado en el año 1949, el Fondo de Alabastro continua fuerte, habiendo provisto fondos para más de 8,800 proyectos desde su comienzo. Nazarenos fieles alrededor del mundo han dado cerca de $100 millones de dólares (USD) para este ministerio tan necesario.

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Lesotho Cornerstone Nazarene Primary School

GIVING CODE:  132108

REGION:  Africa

About this project: Cornerstone Nazarene Primary School was established in 2017, in the village of Ha Ralejoe, in the country of Lesotho, Africa. Dreams and plans began many years before when Rev. Dale Stotler, missionary to Lesotho, became friends with the chief of Ha Ralejoe. The chief requested that Pastor Dale begin a church and school in the village and granted the Nazarene Church the land to do so. The school building was constructed at the end of 2012. God has had his hand of blessing for the opening of the...

Hechos 29 - Nazarene Church in Colombia

GIVING CODE:  133636

REGION:  South America

About this project: Chia is one of the towns with higher population growth in Colombia, doubling its population in the last decade due to the closeness to Bogota, the high number of private schools and universities, and the migration from other towns of the country. This growth creates the need of show the presence of God to the community. Chia is divided in 10 different zones or “Veredas”. Currently, Hechos 29 - Church of the Nazarene is located in Vereda Bojaca, at the north of the downtown, zone that conc...

Sunday School Classrooms at the Church of Armenia

GIVING CODE:  133777

REGION:  South America

About this project: For a number of years the Church of the Nazarene in Armenia, Colombia has rented a property next to their sanctuary which has been used for Sunday School for children and youth. The owner of the property has given the church three months to vacate the property, because a new building is going to be built in this location. This has forced the church board to decide to build a second floor in part of the property they own that can be used for Sunday School classrooms and for other church act...

The Second Floor on the Transition Church in Bucaramanga

GIVING CODE:  133796

REGION:  South America

About this project: The church in the Transition neighborhood in Bucaramanga, Colombia has experienced consistent growth over the past two years. The sanctuary has been filled to overflowing and many times people to sit outside the church to be a part of services. The leaders of the church have noticed the need to expand the sanctuary to fill all of the first floor, which will take the space that is now the parsonage. The money given to this project will build the second floor of the church that will serve as...

DRC Maniema District Center

GIVING CODE:  133810

REGION:  Africa

About this project: The Maniema District has been a district on its own for five years after being separated from another district. The area had grown too fast and was too far for the leadership structure of the old district, and they needed a solution that would allow them to continue to grow and develop in their mission. This young district is preparing to ordain their first pastors in the coming years, but they are currently unable to keep up with the demand for lay and clergy training. ...

Mokgolobotho Church - RSA Northeast District

GIVING CODE:  133875

REGION:  Africa

About this project: The Church of the Nazarene on the RSA Northeast District has a vision to start a church in the Mokgolobotho Village. There is a piece of land that is for sale that has some structures that have been built up to roof level. The District is requesting assistance with Alabaster funds to complete the purchase of the land. They have half of the needed funds for the land purchase already. The District will then work together to complete the buildings on the site and have an established Church with...

Togo Savane District Property

GIVING CODE:  134317

REGION:  Africa

About this project: The district in the North of Togo was established as a zone and has grown over the last 10 years to a district with more than 100 churches. This district is centered in the town of Dapaong and up to now the church has not found a center or a church adequate for their district events or for training purposes for their pastors or laity. This need is urgent and absolutely necessary for the growth of the church and to help the new leaders blossom. This center will be structured to have an assemb...

DRC - Kisangani District Center


REGION:  Africa

About this project: The Pioneer Area of Kisangani is currently awaiting approval to be granted its own status as a phase one district. The Church of the Nazarene was started in the area surrounding Kisangani by refugees fleeing the war in the east during the mid 1990's. Even though the church was started long ago, its remote location and the subsequent wars fought over the area's rich diamond mines have slowed the growth of the Church of the Nazarene. Peace has recently returned to the region during the past 10 ...

Rep of Congo - Pointe Noire Church


REGION:  Africa

About this project: The Republic of Congo, although enjoying an economy and political situation that is much more secure and stable than neighboring DRC, has not had a large investment from the General Church in personnel, finances, or other resources. Until 2017, the Rep of Congo only had six churches in one city. In one year, they have doubled their number of churches and expanded to three new cities....

Alabaster: Bicol District Center


REGION:  Asia-Pacific

About this project: The project will consist of construction of training rooms, living quarter for male and female, toilet and shower room, kitchen/dining facility, library, offices, worship center, recreation area, and district parsonage. Currently, there is an old 2-storey wooden building in the district property that serves as the district parsonage. It is already termite infested and not properly maintained. The DAB agrees to re-purpose the first level to be living quarters for trainees, and one-third of t...