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“Go and make disciples of all nations…” Matthew 28:19


We must fix our sights on places where the church is not yet, engaging in intercessory prayer, sacrificial giving, and physically going to and mobilizing others to go to these places. Each time you give to the World Evangelism Fund, you send the message of the gospel into areas where “the church is not yet.”

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Stories made possible by the World Evangelism Fund

These stories are made possible by the World Evangelism Fund. Click on the links below to view or download each story.

Nazarene churches establish more than 100 schools in DRC

In 1990 when the Democratic Republic of Congo experienced a major increase in violence many children were left without parents. Thanks to the Nazarene Church, now over 100 schools are ministering to the children of DRC providing them with quality education and teaching them the gospel. 



Nazarene presence officially recognized in Singapore

In 2006, four missionary families moved to Singapore to embark on a great adventure for God. The families have been working alongside the people of Singapore since, teaching English, worshiping together, and growing in numbers those who follow the Christian faith. Thanks to the dedication of missionaries like these, the Nazarene church is officially recognized in Singapore.


The garage that was too small for God

What started in a garage as a four-person church became a community of over 500 members in two short years. Today they continue to grow, offer several classes for the community, and provide housing for kids and teens when they have no safe alternatives.



Nazarene presence officially recognized in Curaçao

Jonathan and Lissett Petrus moved from the Netherlands to the island of Curaçao for work. It was during this time that they felt God leading them to Christian ministry. A couple years later they began partnering with Nazarene churches from the United States to minister to the people of Curaçao.



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