Infectious Gambling

Numbers 14:26-35

We are, without a doubt, relational people. This makes a lot of sense when you consider the fact that we serve a relational God. We are made for community. This being the case, we often find that our attitudes and dispositions rarely affect only us. They can affect or infect (depending) the whole faith community. What can seem like basic grumbling has a profound effect on the trust the people put in the Lord.

It is so often easy to overlook how infectious our faith and doubt can be within the Church. Like most matters of faith, it is rarely “just about the individual.” What we see with God’s people is doubt that spread by the leaders not only infects those who hear it but their entire families. It is important that we remember, especially when the road gets rough, that our faith serves to not only build up hope within ourselves but also within the entire family of God. If we forget this, the negative effects can ripple out much further than we could ever know.

Author: Cameron Pence

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