Eliezel and Tammy Soto

Serving in MAR Central on Global Deployment | Mesoamerica

Eliezel and Tammy currently serve in Panama as the Work and Witness coordinators. Their ministry is based in serving the local churches by providing resources and support to many people in need through the Nazarene churches in Panama. Work and Witness is a wonderful tool God is using to inspire the local churches to continue to make Christ-like disciples in all nations.

Work and Witness is not only working on a construction project, WW is an opportunity to serve others, to partner with brothers and sisters that are willing to show the compassion and love of Christ to those that are desperately seeking for an answer. This ministry has effectively helped the church of the Nazarene grow and move forward all over the world for more than 50 years.

Tammy was born and grew up in Michigan, USA.  She graduated college in 1999 with an associate Degree in Applied Science and worked for 14 years as a Radiographer/CAT Scan Technologist until moving to the Dominican Republic to serve alongside Eliezel just months after their marriage in December 2011.  They have three beautiful children, Elianny (12), Esteban (5), and Esther Rose (2). 

Eliezel was born and grew up in the Dominican Republic.  As a teenager he volunteered for Youth For Christ, NYI and the JFP in his home country. For two years he helped Nazarene missionaries with Work & Witness teams that served in the DR.  He was then assigned as the W&W coordinator for Dominican Republic from 2000-2005 and served in the same position in Central America from 2007-2011. This included the countries of Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama.  It was while he was serving in Panama that Tammy and he met, as they worked together on a project.  In May of 2011 he returned to his home country of Dominican Republic to serve as the W&W coordinator there.  He served in Dominican Republic for over 4 years.  Eliezel and Tammy have now served in the country of Panama as a family for over 2 years now.

They both recognize that God has a perfect plan for our lives. Even when at times we try to go our own ways, God is always there to redeem us. They are an example of how God uses very ordinary people who have decided to serve Him extraordinarily.

They praise and give thanks to God for the Church of the Nazarene and the World Evangelism Fund that makes it possible for them to fulfill their call in missions.  They want to follow Jesus each and every day and learn His perfect will for their lives.  God has always been faithful to them.

The Sotos are excited to see what God is going to do in Panama. Their vision is to see Work and Witness Panama be a blessing and an answer to many prayers.

May God be glorified!

The Soto Family

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Going Where the Church is Not Yet

Today there are over 4.3 billion people who live in areas where there is little to no gospel witness. 4.3 billion people who have not heard the message of the gospel, who have never heard the name of Jesus. We believe that everyone deserves to hear. God continues to call the Church of the Nazarene to spread the message of the gospel, to preach holiness, and to bring good news to the poor all over the world. The task is enormous; far too big for anyone to do alone, but together we can go where the church is not yet and see people, communities, and nations transformed. Reaching these people begins with one step, a step of obedience and faithfulness that says yes to God’s call. Take your first step and start your journey toward serving in missions today.

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