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Distinguished Service Award


The Distinguished Service Award (DSA) is a tribute to church people who are living and for their service to the church. Although the DSA is given through NMI, it need not be given in the area of missions. A church may wish to honor anyone in the church for their efforts. Note: The DSA may only be given by a church or a group within the church. Individuals may not give this award.
The cost of the DSA is $125 (U.S.). Reprints of DSAs are $25 each. The DSA certificates are printed in black and gray on fine white paper, with touches of gold foil to enhance the look of the certificate.



Churches are encouraged to frame the DSA. The DSA certificates fit into an 8"x10" standard sized frame. A black or gold tone frame looks especially nice.


 DSA Guidelines
To see full-sized sample of Distinguished Service Award, click on image above.

To order a DSA:


  1. Order Online with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.
    - Please allow 5-10 business days for delivery.
  2. Order by Mail 
    - Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery.
      Thoroughly read the   DSA Guidelines. 
    DSA Order Form
      Print the DSA order form
      Fill out the order form.
       Note: When designating the "tribute," please stay within the space
       allotted--4 lines, 60 characters per line (including punctuation and
      Fill out a church remittance form -  Remittance form for church 
      Send the order form, remittance form, and a check for $125 to the proper
       address. The address to which you send orders depends on the world area
       in which you live. See pp. 28-29 of the NMI Handbook and Constitution
    for the appropriate address.


A DSA may be awarded to a couple as long as only one tribute message
is submitted.


Reminder: Please allow 3 to 5 weeks for delivery when ordering by mail. For faster delivery, order online.

Need assistance?
Contact Darryl at 913-577-2973 or

Click Here to see Memorial Roll and Distinguished Service Award History for your church. 



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