Pastoral Resources

Access the Annual Pastor’s Report and other global resources specifically for local church pastors. Included: Manual, Annual Pastor's Report, etc.

Regional Events and Initiatives for Clergy

Learn about events and initiatives on each region designed to equip, encourage, and resource those preparing for ministry as well as those already ordained.

Women Clergy

Explore the Church of the Nazarene’s understanding of ministerial calling and events, connections, and resources for women clergy.

Lifelong Learning

Discover denominational standards for lifelong learning, what qualifies for lifelong learning hours, and how to report your own lifelong learning activity.

Global Resources and Publications

Investigate resources designed for and available to Nazarene clergy around the world. Included: WHDL, Document Library, Media Library, etc.

Clergy Health & Accountability

Learn about resources on your region for self-care, marriage and family enrichment, and strategies for personal growth and accountability.

Licensing and Ordination

For procedures specific to your region, consult your regional website. Learn more about the process of ministerial licensing and ordination in the Church of the Nazarene here.

Nazarenes and the Global Wesleyan Family

Learn how the Church of the Nazarene is collaborating with other Wesleyan holiness bodies